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SAN DIEGO, CA - On July 10, 2015, San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel M. Pressman ruled that a sexual misconduct disciplinary action brought by the University of California against a 20-year-old male undergraduate student at UC San Diego was unfair and not supported by the evidence. Judge Pressman ordered the university to set aside its findings of misconduct and to set aside the sanctions issued against the student, who is referred to as "John Doe" in court proceedings filed as John Doe v. UC San Diego Council of Provosts, SDSC Case No. 37-2015-00010549-CU-WM-CTL.

"It's encouraging to see courts recognizing that sexual misconduct complaints on campus cannot be resolved at the expense of Constitutional rights and fundamental fairness," said Mark Hathaway, an attorney for John Doe. "Colleges and universities must treat all student's fairly, regardless of gender. All too often the male student is just presumed responsible and given no access to any campus resources. Hopefully Judge Pressman's ruling today will help correct the imbalance."