Federal and State White Collar Defense

From our office in downtown Los Angeles our attorneys have represented CEO's of multi-national corporations, athletes, physicians, attorneys, actors, directors, film and TV executives, financial executives, as well as a wide range of other successful and highly-compensated individuals.

Those with a high-profile case, and who can afford the very best representation, turn to us in their time of need because they know our commitment to getting the very best possible results. We are serious, dedicated and laser-focused about protecting our client's rights. We recognize that these matters are always urgent, whether our client has already been charged or is still under investigation.

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There are new federal guidelines on Campus Sexual Assault. If you're a parent whose son has been accused of sexual misconduct at a college or university, he faces the very real possibility of being denied a fair hearing. Our law firm has defended students from major universities throughout the country who were facing serious charges. If allegations are made against your child, don't wait. Call our attorneys immediately.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

Just a sample of the types of cases we represent include: